Sunday, June 25, 2017

Side chair ordered. And silk charmeuse added to the stash.

We went back to Fabrique this morning. I bought 3/8 yard each of a rich peach, a warm caramel, and a dark chocolate, plus seven spools of thread. Pictures ~ maybe ~ later, as my phone is updating, and I've tried to upload the picture to Blogger. Twice. With no success. (Right now my phone is updating FB, and we're 97% there.)

Side chair is coming from an Etsy shop and should be here sometime next week, as this is an in-stock chair and not a custom order. It will be Celeste's perch when she plays the harp. I am so jazzed to have found it.

I also scored that pier glass at JoAnn at 50% off when I dashed in to get ergonomic seam rippers for Middlest and me. Probably more MSD scale than SD. Right now it is hanging out on the dresser with Blessing and her alchemy shop, but that space will eventually be claimed by an armchair, once I find one I like at a price I'm willing to pay. Or a tutorial to make my own.

Did I mention that on Wednesday we found a gorgeous piece of handmade paper at Asel Art Supply which I think I will be using as wallpaper for Blessing's area? I'm thinking of getting an oversized piece of foamboard and creating a wall with a chair rail. Largest size I've seen is 40"x60" at Office Depot.

Note to self: research traditional heights for chair rails and/or wainscoting. I would like to make this suitable for both SD and MSD scale. The scraps could go for Yo-SD size, maybe?

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