Thursday, March 30, 2017

A gift, and some shopping.

One of my friends was cleaning out her storage unit and found these dishes. The larger ones are SD sized, and the smaller ones make excellent plates for MSDs. The teacups are latte sized for my MSDs. I have a small table set on top of my dining room table, using a drawnwork handkerchief as a tablecloth and cutlery charms from Michael's as flatware. I have yet to find suitable glassware, but while on vacation earlier this month, I did bring home four mason jar shot glasses (with handles) to serve as mugs for the big dolls.

And here is Faith, sitting in a MCM chair we found at Daiso after a Costco run. A second identical chair has made its way home since I snapped this picture.

Tonight I brought home the laces and ribbons that I'd ordered from my favorite Etsy dealer. They're every bit as delightful as the batch I bought when I first started collecting dolls.

And while I was winding things up at Knit Night 2.0, I found a skein of Ella Rae laceweight in colors that should tone well with the neckties I bought to make doll skirts.

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bakayaro onna said...

Hello, Ms. Ravelled! It's onna (D) from BJD Dreams! So excited about seeing Adela and the new trims being used for outfits! Hope to see you at P5 next month! My neck is finally feeling better so unless something pops the wrong way again, we will be there!