Saturday, February 12, 2011

Out of dolly debt.

(Originally published this morning on my spinning blog. Oye.)

My Iplehouse Naias is paid off. I am just getting the basic doll, a wig, and a black turtleneck T-shirt. The fairy/naiad bits are cute, but they don’t suit the character I have in mind for her.

I also paid off this outfit I bought from Fourthborn. Pictures of the petticoat, crinoline and shoes are on my primary blog today. The blouse:

The crinoline, which I wanted as a pattern for future ones of my own design:

And the petticoat, pretty in its own right (although the commercial lace does not thrill me excessively), and also useful as a pattern.

I’ll try to remember to photograph the vest and the overskirt in the near future.

I bought more yarn for doll hats last night on my way home from work. Progress is slow but I think steady toward opening my Etsy shop.

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