Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Neglected blog.

There has been way too much going on in non-doll life. I did finish the sweater for Chutzpah.

It has buttonholes on each side of the button band and laces up with silk ribbon from my stash.

I bought a DOC Bee-A from Nekokoi, who sent all sorts of clothing and shoes home with her. That’s Honor, in the red.

I have one payment remaining on an Iplehouse Naias, who will either be Hope or Charity when she arrives sometime after my birthday in mid-April. I am also severely tempted by both Erzulie (love that ladybug on her dress!) and Efreet, although I would like Efreet better if she were not so pouty.

And I am opening up an Etsy shop (soon). This is some of the yarn I ordered last week, when I was snowed/iced in.

Right now I have a dozen hats in three sizes, all knitted up from Noro Kureyon Sock in four colorways. And I need to reconstruct the pattern for Chutzpah’s sweater, because I’m not finding it in any of the usual places in Word. One of my friends in the doll world has suggested that I offer some items in non-wool fibers, hence the silk tweed (beige) and bamboo (lime green) you see above. The fuchsia is laceweight cashmere, because I couldn’t resist.

And now if you will all excuse me, I’m off to do some serious swatching.

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