Friday, November 13, 2009

Cuprit/Blessing -- the rest of the story

Nekokoi texted me yesterday, “Mystery Box is at PO. Wolfie’s picking it up today. I’ll let you know if it’s Cuprit this evening.”

“OK stuck in traffic. Going to temple from work tonight. Home very late. Love you!”

“Love you too. Possible box opening tomorrow? I’m in no rush anymore xD”

At which point I called her on the phone, and we talked for the next three miles or so.

I’ve done a simple post on the main blog. This one is for the pic-spam (round 1). More to follow after her face-up.

Here, from the shipping box, notations of attempted delivery dates and the date she was scheduled to be deported to Korea for a second time. [Details follow.]

Obligatory shot of the SOOM box. It’s a box. It’s pretty. It will go into the recycling bin once I get it home, if not before, but right now it’s holding her human calves and both sets of human feet. Plus her crazily immodest default costume; the only part of that I really like, is the cape. Thankfully, Nekokoi doesn’t expect me to keep any of it; she wanted it for one of her own characters.

Nekokoi holding the doll-in-pillow. I am going to ponder making a yoga-bag sort of thing, felted, in which to lug around the pillow when I go to doll meet-ups.

As modest a bubble-wrap mummy as we could manage, with her arms and one hoof part covering her girl bits.

Bald, blind, and naked except for the wings of doom. Her head cap is off because the magnet came out, and we were waiting for the glue to dry. The wings are totally gorgeous, with a PITA factor that is off the charts. It took two of us to wrangle the strings through her arm sockets before Nekokoi could tie on the wings. They would be perfect for a doll who is just going to sit behind glass in a display case, but not for one that is going to be keeping up with my eclectic life.

The sweater fits perfectly in front and all around the waist. The back waist length is too long, so it buckles into horizontal waves in the back; that might change somewhat if she were in sitting position. The necklace is just a skosh too long; it will probably be the perfect length for Jessica when she arrives. The waistband is a smidgen too tight. I will have to get creative in order to keep this skirt on. But considering I only had the default measurements from SOOM’s website and a few supplementary measurements from another DoA member, I am wonderfully pleased.

Her lovely face, eyes installed and the wig popped on. Wig-wrangling looks to be the new Olympic sport, chez Ravelled.

Here are the details of her almost-non-arrival [for the second time], a trifecta of goofs at SOOM, the USPS/EMS, and the management of Nekokoi’s apartment complex. Once more, SOOM shipped to the billing address; thankfully, the change of address that Nekokoi put in after the last debacle, was in the PO’s computer [even if the tracking number was recycled, and useless], so they knew where to forward the delivery notice.

When Wolfie picked up the box yesterday, an employee told him, “Oh, that box has been back there for days and days.” [See useless recycled tracking number, above.] She was scheduled to be sent back to Korea on the 23rd. Boggles. The. Mind.

The [alleged] managers where Nekokoi lives, are apparently never actually *in* the management office, and would seem to be the primary reason why delivery failed, twice.

But she’s here, and she’s safe. Nekokoi is going to try to get her faceup done tonight and/or tomorrow, because another wave of humidity is scheduled to roll through on Sunday. And I am very, very happy because the doll who was supposed to be my first BJD, actually is.

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