Monday, November 16, 2009

Another one goes onto the wish list?

A little bigger than a PukiFee, I think, and smaller than Beyla. Is this not the dearest little face?

Nekokoi, I am just dumbfounded at the delicacy of Blessing’s faceup. I think you ought to advertise on DoA; I think you could be as busy as you’d want to be and have a fairly painless way to get the money for your Vesuvia. [But maybe you already are as busy as you want to be.] When I post Blessing’s box opening and/or photoshoot, you are getting major props.

Rorek, I got your text message last night. Thanks! I’m so glad that Blessing arrived before my Jessica.

I am bribing myself with dolly playtime as a reward for tidying the living room and cleaning up the kitchen.

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