Sunday, July 26, 2009

Resisting Temptation

I went window-shopping at JoAnn’s last night. Checked out the colors they have in tulle (for crinolines), tissue-weight pleather (for jackets), and sari-inspired prints (for skirts). Made mental notes but bought nothing.

Nekokoi [I am going to use your DoA names here], are you at all interested in a field trip to the bead shop by your sister’s house? It is spitting distance from that JoAnn’s. I am envisioning an “amber” glass necklace with tiny silvery spacers, or possibly the real thing if I can get 3mm or 4mm gemstones.

I noodled around on DoA for a couple of hours, too, reading the obligatory stuff and scoping out the size-specific threads, while I’m awaiting moderator approval. I noticed that our e-signatures are not supposed to be animated. Does that mean that the avatar of somebody I know is in violation of the TOS?

I also linked to you guys.

Note to self: impatient people should not sign up on DoA on a Friday night...


Rorek said...

Animated signatures and icons are against the rules because of how much extra load time they add to the pages. I think they even have it set up so it won't accept gif files for icons, and they check signatures for them as well.

nekokoi said...

definitely still interested! <3 i love beads. xD

..and it's possible my animated avatar violates the ToS, but mods have seen it in the waiting rooms and not said anything. i've had the same one since i joined, back when they were allowed to be animated.

if they ever ask me to change it, i will. xD