Thursday, July 13, 2017

Oh, snap!

Unless Middlest wants me to sew on a fifth set of snaps, Avery's sweater is done.

I tried it on Justice this morning, and the shoulders fit perfectly, but it's about two inches too large in the chest, and the sleeves need to be both narrower and shorter. I've made notes on the Evernote page, and I'm thinking that the best option for her is a top-down sweater with a circular yoke. That way I can fit as I go.

There's a two-piece vest in the reversible knits book that Osaka and her mom gave me when we went out to Tennessee this spring, and I think I'm just going to cast on with something and see which doll it fits. Between us, Middlest and I have roughly 50 dolls. It'll fit somebody.

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