Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Charity’s Box Opening

The obligatory box photo.

Still life with peanuts.

Excavation in progress.

Her LittleFée booklet.

Her dress, stockings, shoes, wig, and a second wig for Chutzpah (for modeling hats).

Discreetly placed shoes, for modesty’s sake.

Sitting up.

Charity waves hello!

And a close-up of her dear little face.

I took these in the break room at work, so none of her siblings were present. They all seem to be playing nicely, although Faith looks poutier than ever, and Temperance looks a little stunned.

I have a little over $50 saved up for the next doll, who will be Hope, and am a little sad that the Narin Firefly Bandy has apparently been discontinued. There are also a couple of outfits at Iplehouse that I want for Temperance, and I am putting out feelers for a group order.

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