Thursday, January 7, 2010

Stealth Dolly!

Faith is here, a month sooner than I had expected her. Nekokoi texted me at work to say we had a mystery box from SOOM. No drama, no announcement, just a box with three dolls in it, each of them in perfect condition and with no missing parts.

I am much mollified, sufficiently so that I went to SOOM’s website a few minutes ago and checked out the new monthly doll. I like the faun ears much better on the teenies than on Amber herself. And the little stubby antlers are so cute. But no, not tempted. The next doll will probably be my DOB HoHo/Arie, to be known as Hope. And Charity will probably be DOB’s Libra; her little face reminds me so much of Rorek’s when she was a child.

I have Faith’s human head on her body, here at home, so I can make her something suitable to wear. Nekokoi has the hoofie bits and the uni-baby face. We will probably be ordering eyes and wigs tonight and finalizing which colors I want for her faceup and body blushing. I may even spring for undies for my three girls. Blessing is a little tired of going commando. Celeste doesn’t seem to mind in the slightest; she is flopped down on the couch waiting for me to finish her sweater, and every time I look, her skirt seems to have hiked up a bit higher. I have no idea what kind of personality or behaviors Faith will reveal. I would like to encourage modesty all around.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled knitting...

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