Thursday, December 3, 2009

Not even tempted.

I had just sufficient energy before bedtime last night, to take Jessica [still unnamed] out of her box and measure her torso for Nekokoi, who will make her a tunic from a handkerchief or bandanna, to cover her nakedness.

In responding to Nekokoi’s email this morning, I realized that I had not so much as glanced at SOOM’s current monthly doll. So I went over to their website, and the only things I liked were small bits of the costume which would be easy enough to replicate.

The current dolly projects are to find a permanent name for Blessing’s curvalicious sister and then to go stash diving for skirt fabric and yarn for a sweater. [Maybe that poison-green, unruly, allegedly-baby-alpaca laceweight? I might be able to tame it if I knit it up in stockinette on 000 needles.]

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