Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not “Hope”. Not “Charity”. Definitely not “Joy”.

Solemn as an owl, this one. The only virtue which seems to fit, is “Temperance”.

Her wig was lighter and redder than I expected, though I am certainly not disappointed. Now I have three black-haired beauties and three dark-chestnut beauties. And her wig is wavier than Honor’s but far less sproingy than Chutzpah’s.

Nekokoi had a pair of lilac glass eyes which are, purely and simply, enchanting. To the point that I can see I will need to invest in glass eyes for her sisters. And the faceup is perfect.

Like the Jessica which was [briefly] mine, the Iplehouse girls are more solidly built than their counterparts from other companies, and more realistically proportioned. She is approximately the same height as Faith, but see how much larger her head is in comparison.

She is currently wearing a T-shirt and bermuda shorts made for a Ken. I think this one is going to be a tomboy, which explains why I felt a distinct no! when I briefly contemplated the little schoolgirl outfit on the website. I might be able to wheedle her into a corduroy jumper, but I think she is going to want to hang out in jeans, cowboy boots, and T-shirts. Though she will happily wear the family tartan if she can also have a claymore.

I wish I still had the letter opener that was Dad’s. It was modeled after a cavalry sword.

She does not have Blessing’s austere beauty, but she is a very pretty (if resolute) little one, and most welcome to the tribe.

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Rorek said...

Have I introduced you to my favorite inexpensive (and yet beautiful quality) glass eye source? Mint On Card.


Seriously, I've gotten so many pairs of eyes from them.