Monday, February 22, 2010

Saturday’s Doll Meet-up

In no particular order. I loved the tulle underskirt and the lace overskirt on this costume.

That brunette seemed to be saying, “You want me to what?”

I am starting to connect faces to screen names, and also to their respective dolls. The people who sat with us at the table behind these dolls, owned them.

These guys were sitting just to their left, my right.

The blonde doll with the anime-style ponytails, sitting there in the back, belongs to Mel-Mel-Chan, wife of Full Metal Squishy, who is LDS.

I don’t remember which doll was his. Panning a little to the right, we get this bunch.

And continuing around the table, the back of the doll with the lavender hair and red shirt. I don’t even try to figure out which dolls are male and which are female. Because most of the male sculpts look effeminate to me.

Love that red dress with the black lace trim. Swinging almost all the way around the table to the left again, we see these characters.

Another shot of the first bunch. The little guy on the left is wearing a Ken-as-Legolas costume.

Somehow I am not buying Barbie as Galadriel, if they made such a costume. Nekokoi would know...

And here you have her mini-me, with green hair but without a face-up. I promise, she is wearing shorts with her T-shirt and hoodie and flip-flops. And little Faith in her denim jumper and long-sleeved T-shirt that Rorek made.

(Naturally, I think we saved the best for last.)

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Chii said...

Wow, that's a lot of dolls :o Maybe one of these days I will be able to make it to a meet...I think that may be more than I saw at A-kon even!